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Out of the box when you create a Pack account, you get our base Storefront. This Storefront has the bare minimum functionality to get you up and running to start shopping, checking out, and a few sections.

However, if you want to create your own unique Storefront and start editing its code to create new sections, styles, and layouts you need to clone the Storefront and start developing locally.

Cloning the Storefront to your GitHub

Connecting your GitHub Account

  1. Go to your Pack Admin

  2. In the sidebar click Settings > Developer.

  3. Click Connect GitHub button.

  4. Log in and authorize Pack App to your GitHub.

Copying the Storefront code to your GitHub

  1. Select GitHub organization you would like to create a repo in.

  2. To create a repo to copy to, in the search type the name of your repo.

  3. Then click Create Repo when it appears.

  4. Once that is done, your Storefront will rebuild and re-link to the repository that was now created in your GitHub account, and you will see a new deploy published.

Setting up your Development environment

  1. Navigate to GitHub and clone your recently created repo.

  2. Change directories to your cloned storefront.

  3. Run yarn install.

  4. Now open your Storefront in the text editor of your choice.

  5. Create a .env file at the root of the project.

  6. Go back to the Pack Admin > Settings > Developer.

  7. Copy the variables from the Storefront Starter Variables table and paste them into your .env file

  8. Finally, run yarn dev and navigate to localhost:8080 to view your Storefront locally on your machine.

Next steps

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