A Pack Storefront is your eCommerce single-page application store plus additional features. With Pack, your Storefront automatically comes bundled with a deployment pipeline, local development environment, product syncing, redirects, a page builder, and more; saving you and your developers hours of setup.

Product Syncing

Pack will automatically sync and source products and changes to products from your Shopify. That means that your Storefront will always be up to date with your latest products.


In a headless single-page app, sourcing and dealing with redirects has always been a tedious manual task. But with Pack Storefront, we read your redirects managed in the Pack Admin and automatically take care of it for you. Take a look here to learn more about our redirects.

Preview Mode & Customizer

Your Storefront comes out of the box enabled to enter a preview mode to read draft data in real-time and work inside our Pack Customizer. This enables you to view and edit your Storefront in real-time without having to wait for long builds. Read here for an overview of the Pack Customizer.

Local Development Environment

Once you clone your Storefront code, it comes with everything you need to get set up and running locally with a few commands. To start developing check out our guide here.

Deployment Pipeline

Your Storefront is automatically hooked up to Netlify where it will automatically build and deploy changes you have made to your Storefront.

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